We Build Companies.

We believe in simplicity and transparency.

We are fully committed to helping our companies achieve success and act as a team member, not just a distant advisor. We provide a wide range of services. Every client engagement we have is unique and developed in a custom way for the client.

Before engaging Accrual Empire you will know what your total cost will be and what the deliverable and/or end result will be.



Projects & Advisory


Anything that will have a clearly defined ending.

When we discuss your project we'll talk about the goals, what you need to accomplish, and what a desirable end result it. Then we define the deliverable and the path to produce it.

Projects include:

Starting a business

Creating business plans, financial models, creating accounting systems & assisting with financing

Improving accounting — finance function

Internal controls, inventory management, expenses and budgeting or reporting

External negotiations

Asset purchases, debt restructuring, audits and mergers and acquisitions

Clean-ups and integrations

Restoring broken systems & records, training existing staff or hiring new staff

Selling or closing a business


Advisory is an ongoing engagement.

It is open ended and tends to be less tangible than the project based items. Advisory is based around monthly reoccurring meetings where we discuss whatever the current issues of the day are. Very often these meeting generate projects that need to be worked on.

If your company needs a CFO, but has no reason to have a full-time CFO, then advisory services are what you need. Advisory services can often include interacting with and even supervising your accounting staff directly. As with projects, it is a custom engagement every time. But if you want someone on your team that you can go to with questions, ideas, or concerns — then Advisory services are for you.

Values include:

Fresh perspectives

Proven to help decision makers make better decisions

Smaller organizations

The person in charge might not have "peers" they can talk with about their ideas and concerns

High level technical expertise

Expensive to keep on deck but is still necessary in many cases — and on demand experts often need significant ramp up time to get familiar with your enterprise

Adding back-up

When you go to high level negotiations you want someone in your corner who "speaks the language" and can help add credibility and sophistication to your organization


Flexibility, Transparency, & Custom Solutions

Accrual Empire accepts multiple forms of compensation.

In all cases, you will know what you are paying before you start — we never bill by the hour. Our engagements can be standard fee for services models, equity compensation models, and even debt/convertible debt arrangements. We try to build a compensation that aligns our interests with yours wherever possible and build compensation based on deliverables.

From monthly fees as low as $400 a month to equity stakes in your start-up — we have done it all.